I was planning to publish a different post (the one about books - as I already sneak peeked on my instagram). but you know, sometimes "life" happens.. aka all of your photos got deleted "by accident". So I decided to reincarnate photos from my 3days trip to Brussels.

Last year I had a real "travel itch" and then super cheap flighing ticket to Charleroi, Belgium with Ryanair shows up. Few weeks later and I was sitting in lovely little Boeing 737-800, looking down at our beautiful country, but excited because something new was waiting for me. Maybe in some other post I can get together my experience and tips, but today it's all about photo diary!

Stop nr.1: mini-europe 
I was so excited like a little boy. This place is true magic. my "OCD me" fell in love with all the little details. Highly recommend even if you dont have kids. 
 hate airfrance tbh, but love A380
 queen herself (KLM B-747 jumbo) 
 some were little creepy

continue to the city.. 
 Parc de Bruxelles
 Royal Palace
 Place Royale 
 Église Notre-Dame du Sablon
 Manneken Pis (aka the biggest disappointment)
 Grand Place
 going home :(

And some more pictures from my phone..
 how much si "too much" airplane pictures? is that even possible?
 some pretty cool metro station
 and THIS. aaagh, i wanna go back
 ehehhe, Nador (i guess that typical czech joke - jakože kdo viděl Pár pařmenů, tak asi pochopí. jo je mi 7) 

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  1. Ahoj, předem díky za pěkné komentáře na mém blogu, škoda že nepostuješ častěji, i tak jsem ti dala první odběr haha. Belgii mám na svém bucket listu, tak snad na jaře... :)

  2. Bozi fotky :)


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