YES, after ages I make post in english. And in advance, sorry for my mistakes.., but I feel like it's gonna take a while till I come back to a "normal life and normal thinking". all i  have in my head is Berlin and how I love those four german dorks, but that's whole other story.. which i'll tell you next time. Today it's all about our amazing trip to Berlin! #KarelTrip2

day 1
We arrived to Berlin's ZOB station around 12:30, in case you're curious it's slightly over 5hours from Prague (at least with student agency buses with one quick stop in Dresden). From here we went to reception of our booked apartment. (the journey was true hell, i still dont understand the need to have 45degrees in u-bahn. and i also dont get why we were the only four sweaty af,. berliners are probably used to sitting in a hot train with coats and fur). We arrived two hours before check-in, but very friendly man told us that our rom might be ready an hour earlier. So we left our luggages at the reception place and went on a mission: find food! Let me tell you, it was harder than it sounds. But all good, we found some place nearby which looked kinda creepy at first, but they made the best banana pancakes, so i was sold!
When we satisfy our hunger we picked out our bags and got directions to our apartment. We booked via booking an apartment called "Old town apartments" on Shönhauser Allee, which was only one stop away from Alexanderplatz. The location was great, the apartment was also great, clean with everything yu need. the only little problem i have is that they rent a lot of apartments, also a hotel and hostel. so until we arrived we really didnt know how it's gonna look like and we were surprised that it's way smaller than we expected.
After settling down we  F I N A L L Y went to the city centre, which I was so excited. As I said before I love Berlin to the moon and back, I dont know the exact reason, but overall I love Germany and I can totally imagine myself living there. And nope, it's not because I'm fan of german music (and when i said music i meant tokio hotel a rammstein, lol). Back to the centre, we took underground to Potsdamer platz and then just walked around. the goal was to see Brandenburger Tor, since we were 4 girls but only two of us already visited Berlin before. So we wanted to see classics like: Holocaust memorial, Brandenburger Tor, Bundestag and you know, just walking around and falling in love with this city over and over again!
It probably looks like we didnt see much the first day, but the truth is that me and Zuzka are pretty serious about our blogger and vlogger careers (loooool) so it took ages for us to left some place and be satisfied/ or at least calm that we got all the good angles and shots on all cameras. That my friends, is a real deal!

 Suzie the original german hipster

day 2
Day two was extremly special - concert day! But I dont wanna mix this Berlin and a concert (photo)diary so i'll tell you about that in some upcoming post. Except the concert we didnt do or see much. just one very hipster coffee place next to our apartment.

day 3
Last day in Berlin. We arrived 'home' around 1am after the concert, some of us -me- slept for 4hours and then started panic about packing and how im not gonna make it (so typical to me). Surprisingly, I made it. we left the place after 9am, even tho the check-out was until 11, but we wanted to see the rest of city centre. So once again, we checked-ut earlier, left our luggages at the reception, took u-bahn to Alexanderplatz and then walk around, took probably hundreds pictures of Fernsehturm, tried (and failed hard) with timelapsing the Museum island, and also failed with making and insta-friendly picture of Berliner dom. And that was it, then we had some time to eat, buy some necessities at Primark (like Berlin key-thing and the cutest cup ever). But after that it was really time for us to leave this beautiful city, picked our luggages and took bus back home. I'm really looking forward to do another trip with these girls and hope I'll come back to Berlin sooner than in two years.

i told you - not only an original hipster but also a future famous youtuber!
sad, tired, ugly (me), depressed, but happy. all in once. 

In 2 days I'm leaving for another adventure and then I will prbably finally have time to put together all videos we made and do a concert recap and so on. So be patient with me, Im a fuckedup now.

Also, sorry for my english again. i will not read it again after me, because I'd deleted everything.

Pac a pusu! 

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