In today's post I'll take you to one of my favourite places. Chateau Dobříš is located only 45km (approx 30mins) from Prague and it's truly a summer must-visit place!

Little bit history..
The Rococo chateau and its parks date back to the 18th century when the original Baroque chateau was destroyed by fire. Dobříš was owned by the House of Colloredo-Mannsfeld until 1942 when it was appropriated by German Reich. In 1945 the chateau was confiscated by Czechoslovak state and a Writers house was established and run by the Assiciation od Czechoslovak writers. In 1998 Chateau Dobříš was returned to the House of Colloredo-Mannsfeld.

more interesting places nearby:
• Mníšek pod Brdy zamek
• Karlštejn castle

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