30 SECONDS TO MARS | 30/6/2014


I honestly dont understand how is it already 3 years (today) since my favourite band played in Prague. It was also the last gig they played here, but they promised to come back with Shannon, so let's hope for european tour in 2017/2018 (well okay, let's hope for a new album as well. even tho i love to the moon and back LLF+D and oldies but it's kinda time for a new music i guess). 

This was my 3rd Mars concert but hands down the best one - even tho Shannon was missing! We had a VIP package from AIW - souncheck, which was fucking everything(!!!) and thanks to that we had early entry. And EE means first/ seconds row! ♥ Overall, i cant wait to see them again and finally get to meet them. 

okay, i know that all these pics are pretty shit, but hey it's 2014. for some it's already history and i took them on a freakin blackberry! feel old yet!?

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