#KarelTrip2: TOKIO HOTEL


Finally saw my favourite underrestimated german dorks in Germany... and not only there!

 Is Tom Kaulitz even real? 
 i mean.. <3

Is it just me or do see yourself in this too.. like when you think you're kinda handling adulthood and all that sh*t and then your favourite band(s) go on tour and you go crazy? Because that's 1000% me. 

It's still wierd to say that I saw them 3 times this year! Prague, Berlin and Padua. And I still dont feel like I had enough. My friends dont understand why I go on the same concert three times. but it's never the same and If you're a fangirl (fanboy?) you know what I mean. But trust me, I have bands that I can see over and over again and then there's bands which I love but once was enough. But speaking of bands I cant get over with.. guess who is going to see 30 seconds to Mars in March in Amsterdam and then in April in Prague. yup. me

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