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I'm back home! Post-concert&travel depressions are on, so you can probably imagine how amazing past days were. I already said something about this trip in my last Berlin Berlin! post, and I'm gonna say little bit more in this post also, but my plan is to publish all photodiaries first and after that I would like to do a post where I tell you everything. So stay tuned. 

But as I said, it'd be stupid to just publish my photos and not to say anything. So...
After we came back from Berlin I had 2 (kinda) days off, one work day and then we flew to Venice, Italy (for all my avi geeks, it was VCE - Marco Polo airport). And from there we went directly to Padua and stayed for 3 days (not whole tho). What we did there except from sightseeing will be in my next posts. For now let's see how pretty Padua is...

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