I love travelling (and who doesnt, duh) but who has the time and money to travel abroad every weekend!? And czech republic (even tho it's pretty small country) is actually really beautiful. We have nice and photogenic nature here and we dont need to travel half the country for it. 

For example, this trip we made with Renata was super spontaneous. We knew for weeks that we'll meet and we will go somewhere. but only one night before we decided to go on the south of Prague. We met in Beroun, we went to Svatý Jan pod Skalou, Bubovice airport and end up in quarry near Mořina. There are three of them: Velká Amerika, Malá Amerika and Mexiko. My favourite is Velká Amerika even tho it's the most 'favourite' one and especially in summer there're hundreds of people. 

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