MARS in PRAGUE | 19/4/2018


Wow! It feels like yesterday.
When me and E. waited in the hallway of Tipsport arena, all excited and freakin nervous at the same time. And then we blink and the evening was over...

Anyway, it was one of the best experiences i've had as s "VIP". I planned on writting a really long "storytime" post about it. but im just not good in writting (as you can tell) so let's skip the part where im like "it was sooooo reat. i love them so much. shannon was too cute to be real" and let's see if my shaking hands made at least one good picture.

aka dream came true! I was lucky to go as a "VIP" few times before - not only Mars and not only AIW- and ladies and gentlemans this was hands down the best experience. I'm not sayin that mars is the best band in the universe, they have theirs flaunts, but their biest plus is that their always surround themself with a great team.

Not like the other band that i like a lot... ehm.. treehouse ticketing.. ehm.. pandora... and so on... ehm.

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